Posted February 14, 2013

Swimsuit Launch Week Diary: Day 1

From a club in NYC to a private plane to Vegas, go behind the scenes of SI Swimsuit's launch week


The 2013 SI Swimsuit Issue has arrived and what better way to celebrate than with four parties in three days spread across two cities 2,500 miles apart from one another? The fun started in New York City Tuesday at a club called Crimson where 17 models, dozens of SI staff members and 300 other people I’ve never seen before tore the house down. From there, the models took a bus to scenic Newark Airport and boarded a private charter plane to Las Vegas for two more days of celebration. Seeing that I have one of the greatest jobs in the world (running the SwimDaily blog), I was able to tag along for the festivities along with my trusty Canon camera. Here are my favorite shots from Day 1.

Katherine Webb signs autographs for fans after the party. Did I mention her photo shoot can be seen exclusively on SwimDaily?


Katherine Webb :: Andy Gray/SI

The scene at NYC’s Crimson during the launch party before going to Las Vegas. This is the view from the VIP (Humblebrag, I know).

Swimsuit Models

Crimson (NYC) :: Andy Gray/SI

Nina wasn’t excited about me taking this photo. Adaora, on the other hand, couldn’t be happier.

Nina wasn't excited about me taking this photo. Ariel, on the other hand, couldn't be happier.

Nina Agdal and Adaora :: Andy Gray/SI

Adaora, Kate, Natasha and Genevieve enjoy the gourmet delicacies provided by the Newark Airport hanger terminal. It’s like Nobu only completely different.

Andy Gray/SI

Adaora, Kate Bock, Natasha Bernard and Genevieve Morton :: Andy Gray/SI

What’s better than a glass of champagne before a cross-country flight? Two glasses of champagne before a cross-country flight.


Genevieve Morton :: Andy Gray/SI

Cintia was clearly thrilled I took this photo of her eating.

Cintia Dicker :: Andy Gray/SI

Cintia Dicker :: Andy Gray/SI

Anne V shows off a picture of herself in front of a fancy “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Security Screening” sign. Speaking of, how psyched were the security screeners at Newark Airport when the shuttle bus rolled up and a gaggle of SI Swimsuit models poured out?

Anne V. :: Andy Gray/SI

Anne V. :: Andy Gray/SI

Ariel shows off a photo of herself and Nina in bodypaint. Did you know it takes about 15 hours to apply all the body paint and one minute to take it off? Totally worth it. 

Ariel Meredith

Ariel Meredith :: Andy Gray/SI

Chrissy Teigen salutes the camera. At this point, I strategized about how to steal that Kate Upton cover in the background for a future giveaway. I wimped out and didn’t take it. 

Chrissy Teigen :: Andy Gray/SI

Chrissy Teigen :: Andy Gray/SI

Kate is all smiles as the plane takes off. The dog is just happy to be sitting on Kate Upton’s lap. Every other dog in the world is jealous.

Kate Upton

Kate Upton :: Andy Gray/SI

Hannah checks her phone before the flight takes off. Sidenote: This is the first flight I’ve been on with the destination (Las Vegas) printed on a napkin-like fabric on each seat. Very fancy.

Hannah Davis

Hannah Davis :: Andy Gray/SI

Nothing ruins a charter flight to Las Vegas like spilling makeup all over your purse. 

Chrissy Teigen :: Andy Gray/SI

Chrissy Teigen :: Andy Gray/SI

DJ Alyssa Miller provided the beats until someone decided they didn’t like her beats and took away the radio, thus ending the short-lived career of DJ Alyssa Miller.

Alyssa Miller

Alyssa Miller :: Andy Gray/SI

Adaora and Ariel engage in a very serious conversation.

Adaora and Ariel Meredith :: Andy Gray/SI

Adaora and Ariel Meredith :: Andy Gray/SI

Aedora and Ariel no longer engaged in a very serious conversation.

Adaora and Ariel Meredith :: Andy Gray/SI

Adaora and Ariel Meredith :: Andy Gray/SI

One final shot of Kate on the plane. See you again tomorrow.

Kate Upton :: Andy Gray/SI

Kate Upton :: Andy Gray/SI



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