Posted March 13, 2013

Cintia Dicker: 25 Facts About Me

All you need to know about five-time SI Swimsuit model Cintia Dicker

At Home
Cintia Dicker :: Kayt Jones/SI

Cintia Dicker :: Kayt Jones/SI

Cintia Dicker has appeared in five consecutive SI Swimsuit issues (2009-13). In addition to Sports Illustrated, Cintia has modeled for Victoria’s Secret, Gay, Bebe, American Eagle, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Lands’ End, Yves Saint Laurent and Dolce & Gabanna.

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1. I didn’t like my freckles when i was a growing up.

2. My dad passed away in a motorcycle accident when I was 3.

3. I have a 15-year-old sister.

4. I was discovered at a shopping mall back at my hometown.

5. I have seven tattoos.

6. I have never died my hair in all these years of modeling.

Cintia Dicker :: Michael Loccisano/SI

Cintia Dicker :: Michael Loccisano/SI

7. I moved to New York when I was 15 and haven’t left since then.

8. I am crazy about bags and shoes.

9. I have a dog named Spyke.

10. I did SI for five consecutive years.

11. I intend to have my own bikini line/brand.

12. I dream of having a bed and breakfast when I stop modeling.

13. I want to marry and to have children.

14. I only enter airplanes with my right foot.

15. I meditate.

16. I am spiritualist.

17. I love my mother more than anything/anyone in life.

18. The beach is the best place to be.

19. I am addicted to Instagram.

20. I cry whenever I watch Titanic.



21. My favorite label is Chanel.

22. I love facials and massages

23. My dream is to dye my hair.

24. I help an institution for underprivileged children back at my hometown.

25. My daily mantra is “don’t worry be happy.”


Cintia also uses the alias "Leah Sharon" which allows her to pose as an Esquire for an internet

predator named "Jose Betancourt".....better known as JG Goldstein. 


This gal is breathtakingly lovely! I would walk on coals to meet her one day.


Greetings, Cintia  
I hope all your beautiful dreams come true and freckles are beautiful too!
Best Wishes And Good Luck!