Posted March 22, 2013

Kate Bock: 25 Facts About Me

From her Taylors (Kitsch and Swift) crush to her Sex & The City obsession, learn all about Kate Bock

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Kate Bock :: David Burton/SI

Kate Bock :: David Burton/SI

Want to get to know Kate Bock, this year’s SI Swim Rookie of the Year,  a little better? We don’t blame you. The Vancouver native was discovered in high school while competing in a swim meet. She’s also an avid snowboarder who has been known to sleep with a snowboard under her bed in case an opportunity to board ever presents itself. Here are 25 more facts about one of Canada’s finest:

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1. I went to French School.

2. I’m super close with my family; My cousins are like siblings.

3. I am a middle child.

4. The Knicks game where I was given the Rookie of the Year trophy was my first ever live basketball game.

group basketball game

5. My eyes tears every time I drink “sparkling” anything.

6. The Grease Soundtrack was the first and only tape I ever owned (And i know every word to every song).

7. I’ve seen Jay-Z in concert five times.

8. I counted down the days until summer camp every year of my childhood.

9. I love going to Hockey games.

10. My high school’s team name was the Highlanders (Try not to be too intimidated).

11. Chocolate lava cake makes me week in the knees like nothing else.

12. I’ve been skydiving (I’m a badass and wasn’t scared at all).

13. I have participated in a flash mob.

14. I have a never ending love for Paul Newman.

paul newman
15. My first job was at Dairy Queen.

16. I have never broken a bone.

17. I know every episode of Sex and the City by heart.

18. I’m the tidiest person ever

19. My two favorite celeb crushes are Taylor (Kitsch and Swift).

t kitscht swift
20. I love the SUN.  LOVE LOVE the sun.

21. My best friends are the most fun, hilarious, loves in the world

22. I am a certified Lifeguard

23. Snowboarding at Whistler Mountain with friends is my happiest place

24. Close talkers give me anxiety.

25. Wet birds don’t fly at night.


GALLERY: Kate Bock’s 2013 SI Swimsuit Photos
VIDEO: Up Close With Kate Bock | Intimate
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She is the most fascinating lump of rock or potato ever interviewed by SI.  So glad I read this.  


If you are going to use spell check for accuracy- you might try grammarly for using the correct word. She goes "WEAK" in the knees, not "WEEK". Good grief Charlie Brown!


So she is bisexual and has a lesbian thing for Taylor Swift? Good to know.


So she is bisexual and has a lesbian thing for Taylor Swift? Good to know.