Posted April 16, 2013

Irina Shayk stands by her man

Russian supermodel refuses to take reporter's bait and cut jersey of boyfriend's top foe


SI Swimsuit Model Irina Shayk avoided major controversy while attending a MTV party in Greece over the weekend when a pesky reporter held up the jersey of FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and asked her to cut it. Irina, who is dating Messi’s rival Cristiano Ronaldo, refused to take the bait but did let the reporter know what she looks for in a man.

For me, it’s very important for a man to be a man. Men should really know how to follow the women, buy beautiful flowers, of course. Russian women love to get a really nice treatment. And men should be very educated  intelligent and have a great sense of humor. 

So before you go to your local florist to purchase a nice treatment for Irina, check out this gallery of the Russian supermodel.


Funny thing that, in fact, she is not Russian, despite of her saying. She is of (Muslim) Tatar (Turkic) background who was born in Russia. Her real family name is SheikhulIslamova (Sheikh-ul-Islam, in a proper spelling). She does not look like a typical Russian, in any case.