Posted May 17, 2013

Meet the Model: Adaora

She has eight siblings and loves carrot cake and her landline phone. Meet Adaora.



Connecticut native and two-time SI Swimsuit model Adaora is unique in a lot of ways. She has eight siblings. She loves her landline telephone. She is quite possibly the only swimsuit model who had to shave her hair off for missionary school (we don’t actually keep track of those type of things). She’s also done work for Garnier, Abercrombie and Fitch, JC Penney and Macy’s. SwimDaily caught up with Adaora to discuss her life and career. Here’s what she had to say.

On her 2013 swimsuit shoot in Namibia: “It was really spectacular. My first time in the desert, first time experiencing winter weather in Africa. It was really cold in the morning but by afternoon it was hot so it was interesting experiencing the change in the weather. Also, shooting in the sand dunes was amazing.”

On what her last meal would be if she was on death row: “If I was on death row my last meal would be three-course. Some crab cakes and then my main course would be Chicken Alfredo and for desert I’d have carrot cake. I LOVE carrot cake.”

On her first (non-modeling) job: “I was waitressing at a restaurant in my town. My back hurt a lot when I was waitressing.”

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very beautiful, black stands out as beautiful i think being one of the few black bombshells considered as models she makes a grotesque impression, people are tired of the same color of models, we want variety and all people of the world to be displayed in this beautiful art its like art is being narrowed to very few ideas while there are many in nature. We want free thinking and experiments with different varieties, besides the clothing products shown are for the world market anyway, its time to bring the concept of modelling in to the 21 century....nice