Posted July 12, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Australia

From Nina's bloody chin to Alyssa's trip to McDonald's, check out what happens behind the scenes of a SI Swimsuit shoot

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Think it’s easy being a swimsuit model? Think again. In this behind the scenes video, SwimDaily follows Alyssa Miller, Nina Agdal, Genevieve Morton and Natasha Barnard on their photo shoot to Australia. Despite the 15-hour flight, six-hour layover, additional three-hour flight and subsequent boat trip to location, the girls are in good spirits. Even Nina manages a smile despite gushing blood from her chin after a minor tanning injury. An SI Swimsuit shoot is always an adventure and it’s all on display in this video. See for yourself — especially Alyssa’s dance at the 1:52 mark — you won’t be disappointed.