Posted October 23, 2013

Morning Swim: Wednesday October 23

Kate Upton once wanted to be a zookeeper, Nina Agdal officially dating 'The Wanted' singer and more news


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kate upton

Kate Upton :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI



Okay 2 things:

1) The use of the word "season" for America's Next Top Model is not correct.  The show started in 2003 (thank you Wikipedia) and so is starting its 11th season.  Just because they have named 21 Tim Burton extras as "America's next top model" does not mean they did 21 seasons.  It means 2 skeletons/year got the "honor".

2) Genevieve Morton is very hot but it's a disturbing fact of our times that being full is such a rare event for a her that it generated such joy for her.