Posted November 29, 2013

Wednesday’s Wide World of Weird

The unofficial Swimsuit covers

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Welcome to SwimDaily‘s new Wednesday feature Wide World of Swimsuit Weird in which we poke around the bizarre corners of the internet, as well as the dankest corners of SI‘s own archives, to find the funny, odd and downright disturbing ways the Swimsuit name and/or personnel have been invoked. 

This week: the Swimsuit covers that weren’t

Maybe it’s not weird, per se, but Wednesday’s Wide World of Interesting didn’t sound as good. Before the first Swimsuit Issue came out in 1964, there were a handful of issues that, had they featured a swimsuit spread, could have been considered the very first.

Then we extrapolated. Here is your comprehensive list  of all of SI’s “Swimsuit” covers that weren’t, featuring a new, equal-opportunity flavor (read: ladies AND gents).


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